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  1. hi this is the circuit i did, but nothing seems to be working only the backlight is glowing on i have constructed the PDIP version of this which was posted at http://elfly.pl/multimetr/multimetr_en_DIP.htm http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/007/index.html
  2. hi fikic u need to smooth down the tracks, cover the track edges of layout properly or else while etching it will be a problem.
  3. hi i have posted a circuit wch is a voltade divider in this wat must be the wattage of the resistor?? the load is the 4leds in parallel. tell me the calculation too.
  4. @gan87 you can try MAXIM and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS it is totally free...order samples in their websites.
  5. led's are 2v@10ma, i need to drive 50 leds, how do i connect in series or parallel ???
  6. hi how to drive led and supply constant current?? circuit for driving 50led's in series/parallel @30mA per led. ???
  7. hi how to use these transmitter to transmit audio...here is the link of one type pf transmitter http://robokits.co.in/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=75
  8. i am really confused what to do, i need a stable fm transmitter circuit and it must be smaller in size.... someone pls help ???
  9. how this circuit works can u explain audioguru ??? will this be efficient??
  10. i have a problem with the current limit indicator it was glowing before but not now what should i check?
  11. for getting TLE2141 go to texas instruments website and free sample it will be mailed in four days....
  12. what will be range of transmission...will this be a better transmitter ???
  13. what must be the input current for this amplifier?? 2amps is ok??
  14. hi from this circuit can i get a negative power supply or some other circuit is needed??
  15. sorry here is the circuit will this works fine...
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