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  1. hi this is the circuit i did, but nothing seems to be working only the backlight is glowing on i have constructed the PDIP version of this which was posted at http://elfly.pl/multimetr/multimetr_en_DIP.htm http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/test/007/index.html
  2. hi fikic u need to smooth down the tracks, cover the track edges of layout properly or else while etching it will be a problem.
  3. hi i have posted a circuit wch is a voltade divider in this wat must be the wattage of the resistor?? the load is the 4leds in parallel. tell me the calculation too.
  4. @gan87 you can try MAXIM and TEXAS INSTRUMENTS it is totally free...order samples in their websites.
  5. led's are 2v@10ma, i need to drive 50 leds, how do i connect in series or parallel ???
  6. hi how to drive led and supply constant current?? circuit for driving 50led's in series/parallel @30mA per led. ???
  7. hi how to use these transmitter to transmit audio...here is the link of one type pf transmitter http://robokits.co.in/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=75
  8. i am really confused what to do, i need a stable fm transmitter circuit and it must be smaller in size.... someone pls help ???
  9. how this circuit works can u explain audioguru ??? will this be efficient??
  10. i have a problem with the current limit indicator it was glowing before but not now what should i check?
  11. for getting TLE2141 go to texas instruments website and free sample it will be mailed in four days....
  12. what will be range of transmission...will this be a better transmitter ???
  13. what must be the input current for this amplifier?? 2amps is ok??
  14. hi from this circuit can i get a negative power supply or some other circuit is needed??
  15. sorry here is the circuit will this works fine...
  16. i have added a circuit it is used for a 8ohms speaker what should i do for 4ohms load?
  17. anyone have the circuit 60watts stereo 2channel amplifier circuit ???
  18. here is the circuit, the parts list are the same as such in the above post..... no change... u can start doing the circuit...
  19. hi effenberg ill the post the complete components list and the schematic with the pcb i made on monday...
  20. thanks for ur valuable comments and ill change the heatsink into bigger one....
  21. finally i have completed my circuit and it is working fine.... ;D :D there was a small problem with pcb track and i have rectified it... audioguru thanks for ur valuable help..... ill post my photos as soon as possible.... how to measure the max load current ???
  22. learn basic electronics too... read these books.... electronics principles...malvino. art of electronics...Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill
  23. everything is perfect, the voltage across the base emitter and collector are constant ie 32.2V can i also try with TIP3055
  24. both the the resistance are available .33ohms 2watts.... how do i test the transistor 2n3055... pls help me
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