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  1. Hi imester, nice work by the way, can you tell me where did you find voltmeter and ammeter with decimal point accuracy? or did you build yourselfe, and can you post any links to buy those voltmeter and ammeters?
  2. I have 4 high power SCR (silicon controlled rectifiers) im intend to use them as controlled rectifier bridge, at internet i have found the schematic which seems to me as ok, but some components dont have values, can any one advise me and help.
  3. Hi seb, If you have carefully readed the thread then you will have answers to all of your questions :)
  4. Hi everybody i hope someone can help me to identify and eventualy send me datasheet for this component wich i have removed from an old industrial inverter ( 4 of them), the component has this marks on it: AEG T 45 F1100 EFC-2?LO ( one character aint fully readable i marked with ?) and havs an SCR or THyristor symbol on it. Very best regards.
  5. Hi red baron , try to replace the R17 from 33 Ohm 1/4 watt rezistor to 47 Ohm 1/4 watt rezistor.
  6. Thanx for help Hero999, i wonder if is it posible from you to post a scetch shematic of this.
  7. Hi red baron, congratulations for a good work, im posting some pictures of power supply 5 ampers version that i have build it one year ago, it is working perfectly and acuratly thanx to audioguru and redwires tips schematics and parts list, i have used 3 power tranzistors MJ11016 and 10 amp 30 volt transformer, i have tested with 30 volts 8 ampers load it worked without any problems, some tests and measurments you will have to do it in your own becouse it is imposible to see from here what is wrong with your power supply, but anyway im encouraging you to finish your power supply . very best regards
  8. Hi neba 3939, this is an intresting project, i dould like to try this project, is it posible from you to post the values of components, for diodes for example.
  9. Well Tompa it is dificult to help you from here, maby you should check your output tranzistor/tranzistors, i watched the video and your P.S worked then just fine, check for any wires soldering joints wich might broaken during the instalation of your P.S to enclosure.
  10. Hi evererybody, i have found this project on internet, it seems intresting to me, im calling everybody to discus about this project. thanx
  11. Let me inform you that i have changed the value of R17 from 33 Ohm to 47 Ohm, and now the warning LED of an current limiter does not light when there is no load, thank you Audioguru. Your video shows that the warning LED lights when there is no load and the current-setting pot is turned down which is wrong. It is due to an input offset voltage of U3. Increase the value of R17 (it is now 33 ohms) to maybe 47 ohms or 68 ohms until the LED does not light when the current-setting pot is at minimum.
  12. Thanks for your tips gogo, seems reasonable to use 1% resistors for more accuracy, ill try that and i hope it will work beater then, and happy new year
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