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  1. My "bright" idea is to use the mosfet to get more than the 1 ampere that the 8 volt regulator is rated at.  I have a large 11.1v li-po battery for the main motor so I don't want to add another battery to get the 8 volts.

    I wonder if one can put two or three regulators in parallel for more current?

    This current is the power supply for the speed controller; it connects to the
    receiver for the PWM.  It is the brushed type used with rc cars so it can reverse
    the motor for left and right control. 

  2. Hello all,

    I need to connect an 8 volt electronic speed control to an 11.1 battery.
    I have an 8 volt regulator and a power mosfet. I have not worked with
    mosfets before so I am puzzled on how to make the connections and
    what values of resistors are required. Please take a look at my diagram.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

    This motor control is for the stern of a model blimp to control the direction
    much like a helicopter's directional control.


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