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  1. so what if i leave them uncharged for long time??
  2. plz give me some guide lines abt rechargable battries (dry cells) to improve thier life as long as possible
  3. hi there, here i've a binary counter whichs connections are shown in attachment , plz check if there is any thing wrong with it. it's no is :74193 4 bits programmable binary counter its clock signal is from shaft encoder the problem is not counting at all or count like this:13579 . the shaft encoder is giving pulse correctly,
  4. Hello all i sent asking about how to make my counter works properly well now the matter became so horrible i'll tell u what i did & need anyone to tell me comment & guide me coz this is my first practical work, im working lonely too, no team plz dont laugh at me i got an optocoupler & biased it , im sure of it's connection & it gives output pulses when the motor disc rotates btween it's both sides (photo diode & receiving transistor the motor disc is simply a piece of strong paper that i made in form of circle & made it's edge like a gear ( i made 16 holes on the circumference) output pulses from opto coupler i use it as the clock , input to my counter the counter 74193 , i connected it as follows: it's four input pins-----to ground pin 16---vcc pin8--- ground load pin---vcc through 1kohm clear pin-- to ground i connected the four output pins to leds inorder to check the count well,, im supposed to connect the carry pin to a second counter 74193 as a clock, so that each 16 pulse (each motor cycle) the second counter will count 1,,, & then i'll connect it to a decoder 7447 & seven segment now i connected the whole circuit except the second counter i thought of checking what i did first, b4 i continue i connected the 1st counter directly to the decoder 7447 but hoplessly it didnt count at all when i wasnt connecting the decoder, it was counting but stupidly 1 5 7 1 5 7 i connected a capacitor as the degnified sir told me, but still stupid count it's awful in both cases i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!! plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im so sorry for making it long on u waiting ur replies bye MODERATOR EDIT: I have moved this post to it's own topic for more exposure. Good luck Thunder -MP
  5. Hello all can anyone teach me how to use the program Eagle to make a design on a board?? im saying eagle coz this is the program i have but if anyone else of u have any other program for PCB design & can send it to me & teach me how to use it, i'd b really very grateful & thank u all this is my email, plz send me einstein_86_2008@yahoo.com salam alykom bye
  6. high kasa miko, look ! tell me how should be the position of the heat gun , should i start from the corner of chipset or apply it to all sides? and the other question is till wut tempreture the ic can resist? thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hi thanks Mp for your guidance i just wanted to know about the tools which are commonly used for desoldering. about my device it's made in china and there is no doubt that this has been made at home ,so no manifacture's name and address ,
  8. i've bought a hot air gun mashin '"i don't know really wut terminolgy is used for dis mashin but i name it hot gun'' 4 desolding smd chips but i don't know how to use it , it has 2 variable controles one is for air pressure and d other is 4 heater so any one can help me abt dat wut tempreture and air pressure is normally used and there is othere tools like penses N paste plz give me information abt dat
  9. thunder


    any one give me this tv's service manual deawoo model:DTC-2072
  10. a tabe recorder which works on 120vac has been connected to 220vac when i checked it just the fuse was blown and the transformer was ok.but when i changed the fuse its on standby and do not be on plz tell me where should i check. in wut may be the problem?
  11. i want the list of cd players ic pin number for Rf out put some samples of ic's are as following: ks9282 cxd1167q lc760n saa7310 hd49233afs..... ............................... i've these ic's pin number i want the new list of ic's
  12. if sound wave is inverted will it be understadable or not?or it will not effect on the sound
  13. thunder

    plane motors

    hmmm.and about the servo motors?
  14. thunder

    plane motors

    how to increase armatur current?
  15. dc motors which are used in palnes(toy) does they are different from common dc motors.or there is a circuit to speed up them?
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