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  1. hello, I would like to replace R7 with a shunt resistor of 0.0075 Ohm, I assume this will have an effect on R17 & R21. P2 should stay 10k (I already have this one). -How can I calculate the new resistorvalues? -R7 limits the max possible (short cut) current in the circuit, maybe I could increase the resistors at the 2N3055 output to ie 1 Ohm to compensate for this? thanks
  2. I noticed the new power supply schematic has 2 2N3055 power transistors in parallel. The original schematic only has only one. Is the "new" power supply also limited to 3A or is it 6A? (assuming the transformer & heatsink are ok) If more than 3A is possible, does one only has to change the setting of the current trimpot? thank you
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