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  1. Agreed. Had to opportunity to see the defacement part of it.
  2. Some posts in some threads are missing, including this one. I believe two/three pages of posts here. Mixos said it was a hack attempt. At least we didn't lose everything this time.
  3. LOL, I am, I am. Just having a bad week. Xmas is not a happy holiday for me at all. Here we go: YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A new PSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  4. The link for the project discussion, in the original project page, was updated to point here. This thread content beats up any FAQ IMHO. There's a recent post in this thread in which someone posted a block diagram of this PSU. It might help newbies. Hero et al are discussing a new 0-30V PSU in a new thread. I'm sure something interesting will come out.
  5. Audioguru, You obviously have a very detailed understanding of the circuit and expected behaviors. Do you use Spice or other software for these analysis?
  6. The original is 0R47 5W. Your's (fixed 3A version) is also 0R47, but 10W. Do you think two 0R27 10W in series is still too little and risky? Thanks, Effenberg
  7. For the 3A version, R7 is 0R47 10W. I got 0R27 10W units. If i put two of them in series I get 0R54 and better heat dissipation (two components instead of one). But what would be the downsides?
  8. As the voltage oscillates in the outlet, I can also see voltage changes in the Power Supply Output. Voltage in the outlet oscillates a lot more than I thought, about twice every minute +1 to +4V. Can't still calculate how much oscillation this creates in the PS output (single channel multimeter). A first idea to fix this was to use a Voltage Regulator such as this: http://www.apc.com/products/category.cfm?id=12&subid=57 Or maybe you have any tip to make the PS output stable despite AC voltage changes in the outlet? Thanks, Effenberg
  9. Has any of you ever used these "PC OScilloscopes" that use the PC USB port? What about even cheaper units, that use the PC Mic In port? I'd like to hear some opinions on the quality of these things but can't find a user.
  10. I think any decent Power Supply project built correctly will be better than commercial units. I'd say more than 90% of the commercial units I see in the market are cheap things that don't look like they will last 6 months. And, of course, it's always more entertaining to build it, no matter the price and time spent. That's why we're all here for anyway. For example, one of the features I'd like to add to this project are digital controls instead of potentiometers ("+" and "-" push buttons). Don't know how yet. It's absolutely unnecessary, but it's cool.
  11. A good idea. My current heatsinks are so inadequate I'm considering leaving fans on non stop. Other options are Peltier modules, CPU coolers, etc...
  12. Yes, definitely. I want my PS to have two outputs. and I got two LCDs here for the meters.
  13. It will take a while for me besamartis. I have one month to write an essay describing the operation and importance of each component in this circuit, the main individual circuits, possible changes/updates, etc. A lot of it is still not clear to me and I have to study more to get it done. I have it assembled on breadboard and am using multimeter/oscilloscope to analise it. I'll go for the PCB and assembly only by the end of January... By then, I'll be happy to post all my material here for whoever may benefit from it.
  14. Earlier today I had requested the admin of the website to update the wrong link at the original project page (it was ponting to a thread that was lost and not to here). It is done now. Maybe other users will read this thread before building the wrong project. Regards, Effenberg
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