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  1. Thanks~ I did a circuit, but found ineffective regulator, for example, in the 3A maximum current range, adjust the voltage of 20V, but the addition immediately after the load into 16V. What is the reason?
  2. Hello audioguru , What is the role of negative voltage? Why negative voltage to as low as-1.3V, or so could use a 3V zener diode instead of
  3. Thank you for your reply~ Regards ~ bg8dmy
  4. I did not express clearly I have a two-winding transformer secondary, double winding with center tap voltage 2X25V, I can use full-wave rectifier rectifier? Means that this part of the rectification circuit using only two rectifier diodes, rather than the full-bridge rectifier In addition, the circuit is able to use CA3140 LM741 operational amplifier?
  5. Hello, audioguru , I have one question I have a two-winding transformer, rectifier whether the Department can use full-wave rectifier? My English is poor, thanks for your answer ~
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