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  1. On the bottom of this switch is a metal strip and a metal button. When the switch is turned to the right the button raises upwards and then lowers. That action changes it from position A to position B. How do I rewire this switch as it is a orirional NEC switch?
  2. Two photos attached but they are not real clear as I discovered I need a new camera. Please view and advise as best you can. P.S. I discovered a letter in a box on the front of switch. Letter is (A). Kevin
  3. No but I have a digital camera and will upload pictures today.
  4. I saw on E-Bay a lot of pots for guitars electric ect. Punch into top 100k, 10k and view them like I did while looking for 250k Alps
  5. I need some help as this part has no letters, numbers ect on it. This is a NEC amplifier and it is a two position switch except the wire hook up to mother board is a flat cable type that seems to be seperated into three different cables surrounded by black plastic. Can three wires be soldered on to this cable? If no how to find a OEM part with no part number? It is a phono selector type MC/MM.
  6. Thank you. No A, M in letters. Dual pot that I have found on E-Bay with 12mm shafts and 6mm shafts. Mine is 6mm shaft size. Must be linear, will order one. Many thanks. Kevin ;D
  7. I have a NEC amplifier that I am working on and need to find a source of Data Sheet for ALPS potentiometers to identify the value and old part numbers. This is all there is on the pot. 305F & 250KMN. The reading I get is 195k but that is due to fact that the shaft is busted an cannot be turned. I assume value is 250K. Where do I go for a Technical Data sheet for ALPS?
  8. Buy the book I have called Speaker building 101. Two companys in this country I know off specalize in speakers. Parts Express, MCM Electronics. One of those two companys should still have book and speakers for your project. Google or Yahoo for site address and catalogs, Phone Numbers ect.
  9. Google for your answer or use search engine Yahoo. It is done in programs like Express SCH Capture and Express PCB then produced at home or sent to board houses. Download Eagle freeware version as it has Tutorials also.
  10. Will do. I have the SCH done in Express SCH and am working on PCB now in Express PCB. I also use Xcheck, too check DRC, & Netlists & BOM. In the future I will post results as parts are easy to find. One more problem I saw under closer examination of inconsistent SCH and PCB. Below IC1, and above IC2 there are two 1K resistors I fail to see on the schematic. I just missed these two facts before I posted. How all of this got buy their proof reading of that web site I do not know. Does any one know what is the purpose of those two resistors and if they are necessary as I am new and not good at design, nodal analysis ect?
  11. :) Thank you I have the inductor info in my files. I like to try to build this type of project so I will give it a go and use my +15 gnd. -15 I already know all about for tone control circuits. Thank you for all responses. Best Kevin
  12. Actually the address at the top of the page leads to a page that directs you to this project. Is this power supply workable with the change made to diodes Text of PCB board no matter what I use it for? A larger amount other than 15v O 15v. What is the reason behind inductors L1 and L2 and where can I go to learn that fact?
  13. On the schematic D1 & D2 are at the 15v top together but on my PCB board pdf D1 & D3 are together or am I wrong. On the schematic D3 & D4 are at the opposite 15v side of transformer but on my PDF D2 & D4 are together. What I assumed was the text of the PCB was done wrong. On PCB PDF it goes from top to bottom D1, D2, D3 & D4. Am I right so far? ??? It should go D1, D3, D2, & D4.
  14. I down loaded interesting new power supply for pre amps, tone control purposes. Upon examining the schematic and board there is a difference in diode numbers. Could some one take a look at it and advise me if this power supply is a working design or not as I am new but know how to set up the diodes and capacitors but lack in design experience? Precision_15V_regulator_for_pre-amp_or_headphone_amplifier.pdf sch.pdf pcb_board.pdf
  15. Have you guys ever tried Pulsar Pro's version of apache lam. with magazine paper? It is supposed to be perfect with small traces close together every time. The Lam. is Apache AL13P sold on E-Bay and Amazon for approx. $80 to $90 dollars.
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