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  1. Check out the page: http://www.3dtv-research.org/ where many Europian university are making advanced researches on 3dtv.
  2. Ok then, you can give me links if you dont wanna "break" the copyrights laws...
  3. Can anyone kindly upload books on microwave engineering and/or antenna engineering? Thank you all...
  4. check out http://nano.bilkent.edu.tr/english.html
  5. Hi, I am very confused about this subject of attenuation. I have a circuit posted, and it is working at a center frequency of 25Mhz. And I need to calculate the attenuation at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th harmonics of 25Mhz. From internet I found this formula: A(db) = -10 log(1+((w/wc)^2n)) where w is the desired freq. and wc is the center frequency, n is the number of elements (inductors and capacitors) in the circuit.
  6. Hello all, I need both the USB cable driver and the schematics of Siemens C55 phone. Thank you in advance.
  7. Anybody know how to calculate the Dc resistance of an inductor? Any help is appreciated.
  8. he says "i am looking for help, doesn't anyone speak any other languages? I want to repair my pc."
  9. Does anyone have any idea about switching converters (DC to DC)? I didn't understand how the circuit I attached works? Any ideas, or resources about switching converters? switching_converter.pdf
  10. Hi all, what is torrent? I don't know such extension. How can I open it? Please help.
  11. Perhaps you don't have any libraries inside the package. Download from another place and reinstall it.
  12. Hello everybody, I will be doing a little research about PLC(programmable logic controllers) this summer, does anyone know any information about it? Or any books, sources? I especially don't know if PLC is %100 related with electronics? It seems more like a software engineers job to me. Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, I need help in finding the unit-ramp response of first order circuits. Does anyone have any information about this subject???
  14. Thanks but some of the pdf's cannot be opened. Acrobat gives error and says that "this file is damaged and couldn't be repaired." For instance I couldn't open gen.pdf. If you can replace these with the undamaged ones I would be grateful.Thank you.
  15. Hi, does anyone has the service manual of nokia 6610i mobile phone?
  16. Hello, I am new in designing circuits thorough software. I want to know what is the difference between PSpice and Orcad. Or are they related in some terms? Is there any reading material about these two. Thank you all.
  17. kerem

    nokia 3310

    yes it helped a lot. thank you very much...
  18. does anyone know where I can get any schematic of the celluar phone nokia 3310???
  19. I would be grateful, if you send me a copy too! [email protected]
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