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  1. Hi Sultanbuy, Processor may get overheated or smells Bad due to following two reasons: 1.Fan of processor has stopped working. 2. There may be a short circuit. 3. Mother board may has some fault. Spam link removed by moderatior
  2. Hello eplanet, You may get help from given Links: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/245 http://www.electronics-lab.com/blog/?tag=ds1820
  3. Hi, The CFM rating of fans are often not very accurate, and to get a better judgement, you want to look whether your using 60, 70, or 80 mm fans, and the rpms they run at. Pretty much any decent case will have the area for one 80mm exhaust and intake fan, and most midi or full towers have up to 4-6 intake and exhaust fan locations. Any generic 80mm fan will do, doesn't have to push much or or be loud, just as long as they work. I'd go Coolermasters or Panflo's for 80mm fans, cheap and quiet, and generally just get the job done.
  4. Hi, The most accurate indicators of the brightness of LED bulbs are the measured lumens or lux. Lumens measure the total amount of light output from a bulb. Lux measures how bright the light is on a surface at a specified distance.
  5. Hi, I agree with audioguru. 1k resistor R3 provides a load when there is no other load to control output voltage .
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