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  1. :D reply to audio guru im harmlless audio guru i dont use any past improvising, when i did it was for science and exsperimentation , if a time ever came and all countrys were at war we will have to lern to improvise with what we got in knowledge and with what we can find, to use in a survival sitiuation , for the benifit of all man kind.
  2. : reply to ante oh we still get points in the distribiutors of cars here in australia even fords not the electronic ignition types and i loved watching macgyver when it was last on tv, but its been off for a while now and the improvised movement triggerd switch can be used to trigger exsplosives to like any other trigger switch hence the name trigger switch, but in this case i use it to trigger a buzer like an alarm. as a warning device,
  3. reply to ante have you ever watched mac gyver on tv. this peace of improviseing, can be usefull , emagine you have that modified distribiutor cap points from your car, installed into something valueble and you dont have a mercury switch for triggering your alarm if that valuble iten gets stolen , so you pull this set of points out of your distribiutor cap in your car and modify it to act as a movement triggerd switch, the setup i posted here i can use that to trigger a relay or just the buzzer or alarm ,or anything else.
  4. :D from steven if the botton points body electrode dosent conduct when when the points close then the top points body is the close circuit contact, but if the bottom electrode dose conduct when closed, you can set the points arm midway , or insulate the body electrode so that the buzzer will only trigger when the points arm top section contacts the points body when the arm swings up from movement.
  5. :D reply to hotwater wizard. i really dont know hotwaterwizard but i think its part of a large upgrade, i just caught some of this on the news, and saw the helicopter spraying that silicon stuff onto the powerlines and insulaters, this is i think something to do with the dust collecting on the powerlines and which can cause problems if the dust collects to much. as for switchers i dont really dont know what type of switches they use here in australia, but if they did they would be different i geuss.
  6. :D hello hotwaterwiard these switches look wierd ive never seen anything like them , in australia here i dont know what they use but i hear on the news that they are spraying silicon stuff on our powerlines or insulaters may be something to do with dust hazards when it clings to powerlines i geuss and when it rains the dust somehow causes them to catch fire or arc, something like that i think .do you have things like that in the usa.
  7. :) high energy radio frenquency device, herf gun you will find stuff relateing to this in power labs site,. from steven
  8. :) nice idea, i biult a simple one to test the infrared remote for videos and tv, its basically a relay, a transister and a fairchild phototransister, and all you have to do is piont infrared transmitter at the phototransister and listen to the relay triggering really fast to every pulse, and you can get more detecion range useing a lense and even linking the relay to a simple setup gave me a infrared remote triggerd arc display of high voltage arcs
  9. :D steven the pictures of the resistors id like to have identified somehow went to the wrong section i wasent sure how to email something to be put here so its on page 3 of generators
  10. ive made a boo boo some where here are pictures of resisters i was ment to go to the parts general reqest section but i dident know how to do that so they ended up here, im looking into makeing a high voltage devider circuit but these resistors were amoungst some sent to me by a contact and i like to know there values as my resister colour code calculator dose not cover that many bands and i havent any info to check them
  11. : re audio guru oh i forgot about the puncture voltage yes your right, those pengiuns would be toasted, say how do you like them choose from the following, well done. medium .rare or . do you like crumbs , batter or flour,
  12. from steven i allso like to know the colour bands for the 100m blue resister if anyone knows
  13. :D dose ayone have the colour band information for the 20m resister and the 10m resister the resisters are blue metal oxide ,i think they are ill email the pictures of them to this to show
  14. :) re audio guru and quantum\ thankyou for such a good peace of humour this was the best contact paper i can get for my work desk as i had to get rid of the last contact paper before that, as it was metalic highly conductive and i had a lightening storm on my desktop as the arcs from my high voltage exsperiments was arcing to this conductive desktop , it was awsome , i can asure yous these pengiuns wont feel a thing as there none conductive as pictures, on this latest contact paper,
  15. nice to see some more stuff like this , it reminds me about the bakeing soda rectifier, that allso glows, i got the info on it off the net. ,steven
  16. :) re audio guru, :) there all in parralell, audio guru, i like exsperimenting, im useing the microwave oven motor/generator to power these up. and i wont use the mains , as i kinda like this one to be portable, like my other high voltage circuits , which they run off a 12 volts lead acid cell rechargeble, battery, ill be biulding a sieries one latter, when i can get more parts, as our dicksmiths electronics stores in australia are no longer stocking many parts, and there phaseing them out , :)
  17. :)audio guru, yes im gona add more capacitors and they pop only when i short them out, dischargeing them is the exciteing part, the louder the bang or pop the better. its like shorting out a photo flash cap after youve charged it up, i can use a mercury switch to short them out, to discharge them ive done this before with photo flash caps , but when you do that you get a small muffeled pop and the metal mercury breaks up into grey balls and wont combine back together,
  18. :)from steven ,yes very well put, im planing a bigger hand powerd unit , and will post it when all completed. ive got video footage of the mini marx setup fireing a good fat arc , anyone like to see it ill email it if it dosent get rejected by the servor because of its size, :) steven,
  19. :) re mp very well said , :) after the fat spark fires, im still left with some voltage in the capacitors so i just short it out to get rid of the left over charges before i yee dare touch my fingers to it, steven,
  20. :)generators, last night i solder 3x 2kv ceramics in parralell, and with the 2 legs sticking out the front, i bent them into a loop and filled the loop with solder and adjusted them to form a spark gap, then i solder a 1m 1/2 watt resitor to one side and the other side i ran the wire from one of the 2 hv outputs from the high voltage multiplier circuit thats powerd from the microwave oven moter generator to that side then the second hv output from the hv multiplier i ran to the 1m resistor, now this is a mini marx generator, at first i rotated the generator by hand to biuld up a good charge to charge the high voltage parralell ceramics, i dident know how much was on them at the time but when i got nothing i decide4d to put the generator down and reach over with my finger to the marx, i hadent got close to it yet. when all of a sudden this big loud arc shot out from one side to the other,, it was a delayed arc but why i dont know , i wasent cranking the generator at that time when it fired by itself., from steven
  21. re kevin weddle. kevin this was just an exsperiment with the similiar workings of a smaller bridge rectifier , feed ac into it and get paulsating dc out, as for the capacitors i need for it, i have a big box full but not what i may need. so untill i can get the right parts this exsperimental high voltage bridge circuit wont go any further.
  22. :D re kevin weddle. kevin thanks for arsking the only indication i have of high voltage flowing is the arcs i get and the 2 leds lit up via a 1m 1/2 watt resister, i dont have a voltage devider nor the room to biuld one on my crowded desk. all i have is a multimeter but even i aint gona risk that exspensive peace of test gear. but i can only say that if you can get great arcs then it would be rougthly in the thousands of volts as for the voltage from the driver circuit to the flyback about 12 volts or under if theres any voltage loss but normally my 12 volts rechargeble battery is charged to just over 12 volts to try and compensate. i hope ive anserwd your qestion ok. im not much in the techniqle exsplanation department , but be free to email me for any circuits you may be seeking. steven
  23. :D re ante and hotwater wizard , thanks for the information, however the pdf attachment from hotwater wizard i open it comes out blank with nothing in it. i have acrobat reader but nothing comes up, steven, anyhow thanks ante and hotwater wizard.
  24. :)dose anyone know the replacements for the 2sd879 transistor and the 2sd965 transistor, steven
  25. :D weddle oh i forgot i did test the hv polarity indicator on another flyback transformer, with its hv out and return both at the top, this one i can adjust the driver circuit and one led will light up showing hv dc to be flowing but when i readjust the driver circuit more, the other led lights up showing ac, im not much in technicle exsplanation department here but . but ill leave it to anyone else who can exsplain it better, steven
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