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  1. Two weeks ago I found PCBWay ruler design in their open source community, the matte black solder mask seems very good. So I placed order and ship together with my other PCB. But when I received it last week there was something wrong,check the picture 1. the small holes not immersion gold. This was the first time I met production problem with PCBWay, I don’t know how they generally deals with after-sale issues. I sent mail to sale directly and they told to me they have online after-sale system,I uploaded picture and submitted the reason,after 2 hours later they replied to me and said will reproduce in 24 hours,also freight is free. Today I received new ruler by DHL,check the picture 2. The holes are immersion gold. I heard so many stories that Chinese manufacturer don't care after-sale much, this time PCBWay left a deep impression on me. They are a really responsible company.
  2. If you just need one or two pcb boars,www.oshpark.com is your first choice.If you need small volume,http://www.pcbway.com/b is your first choice,now as low as $5.and you can also apply sponsorship if you are hobbyist.Attachment is the black pcb from pcbway.
  3. As a hobbyist,I learned so much from here and thanks very much for everyone. As pcbway manager,here is a good news I think will help hobbyist. In order to express our gratitude and help electronic hobbyist save cost,now we build a page to sponsor electronic hobbyist's pcb project (up to $100 coupon to your account),you can get the details from our sponsorship page.If you have any questions and suggestions,please reply to me here. The sponsorship link is here, (If this link break the rule,please tell to me and I will delete it,thanks Administrator)
  4. I am pcbway manager,here i want to communication with engineers here.I think some of engineers in Electronics-lab ever used our service.Now we want to develop our service better,could you give us some suggestions? 1:soldmask color? 2:silkscreen? 3:pcb assemble service? I hope admin will not think this is ads,just communication
  5. http://www.pcbway.com/b their quality is good,the most important is their price,really so cheap like they said,register can get $5coupon. Attachment is my file
  6. http://www.electronics-lab.com http://www.eevblog.com http://www.avrfreak.com http://www.pcbway.com/b http://www.hackaday.com
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