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  1. I will try to look at those suppliers. Thanks. I will follow the schematic posted from the first page. Thank you for your help, audioguru! I will probably come again when I build my own in the future. I'm just researching and sourcing out components at the moment.
  2. Okay sir, I will add an external power supply for the meter. 1. I really can't get a hold of these new op amps. I searched online, and found uA741CP Op amps, is it a good sub? 2. Also, I was thinking of connecting the center tap like the attached image, since it's easier to get a hold of a center tap transformer in our area. Would this work? 3. Did anything change from the original schematic? I am trying to redesign the board to accommodate the updated parts list. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply audioguru! Yes, I will supply them with a separate supply. I added a 7812 regulator after the capacitor. I reversed engineered the PCB from banggood because I'm too lazy to make my own. I will change the parts according to your parts list, mr audioguru. I cannot find the MC34071 in my place, can I use the LM741 instead? And I think they don't have 24-0/28-0 single transformers here, so how would I go about editing the rectifier circuit into accommodating a center tap trafo? (14-0-14 or 12-0-12) The 30V doesn't really matter much to me, though. Thank you so much.
  4. Hi. I think I read somewhere that I could use a voltmeter as a makeshift ammeter for this project. Can I use this type of voltmeter? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Mini-DC-0-100V-Red-LED-3-Digital-Display-Voltage-Voltmeter-Panel-Motor-/381374425176?hash=item58cbafe858:g:dtcAAOSwo8hTmvxX How will I hook it up to the unit? I haven't built the power supply yet. I am still waiting for the parts. Also, I saw the original circuit in a kit form that is sold on banggood.com (link) Most of the reviews are good. The transistors were modified, and the two zeners, if I remember correctly. Q2 = 2SD882 (2N2219 in the original) Q4 = 2SD1047 (2N3055 in the original) D7, D8 = 5V1 Zener (5V6 in the original) Any insights about this?
  5. Hi mr. Audioguru. Why would say that the kit from banggood is overloaded? I was about to make myself one.
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