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  1. Yes i saw that and i plan to design my pcb, but now i don't want my time and money that i put on orginal project, to be wasted. i don't expect to take 30V 3A from that, I would be happy even with 12V 2A at top. Can you help me with that sir?
  2. Hi i think this is the good place to ask my question. i made this one http://www.electronics-lab.com/project/0-30-vdc-stabilized-power-supply-with-current-control-0-002-3-a/#comment-173705 when i was testing my power supply, i found out that i couldn’t limit current. I test another motor and at that moment i saw that current is about 7 amps !!!!!When i disconnected the motor, voltage became 35V and i can’t change it with P1 Now neither P1 nor P2 work. but short circuit protection was working, but after doing few short circuit, LED didn't turned on pls help!
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