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    soldertools1 got a reaction from hunghoang in BGA rework Process?   
    Hey, I also found a training institute and an article about BGA Rework Process. Follow the given link below to get a clear understanding of reworking BGA process:

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    soldertools1 reacted to audioguru in Power supply   
    You forgot to say if the 10V output from your power supply must be AC or DC. You also forgot to say if the input is AC or DC and its voltage and frequency.
    Did you know that the output power from your power supply will be 10V x 1000A= 10000 Watts? Where will it come from? What will it be used for?
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    soldertools1 reacted to Soldertraining in clipping circuit   
    The clipping circuit does not have energy storage elements like capacitors but it includes both resistors and transistors. This circuit is normally used for the selection in the transmission purpose. The ability of diodes to allow the flow of current in only one direction. A diode is best tested by measuring the voltage drop across the diode when it is forward-biased. A forward-biased diode acts as a closed switch, permitting current to flow. No voltage exists at the diode but voltage may be present in the circuit due to charged capacitors.
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    soldertools1 reacted to audioguru in acid_circuit   
    Why are you using an old fashioned vented lead-acid battery? Most circuits today are powered by rechargeable Ni-MH or Lithium batteries that have no acid.  
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