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  1. audioguru, This overturns the basic of electricity! Since when do you store current, in anything??? Last time I checked it was possible to store energy in a capacitor or a battery. Until the energy moves there is no current. Maybe some leak current in the cap. ;D Ante ::)
  2. Hi all, Want some reading? Lessons in electronic circuits part 1 to 6 is highly recommended. All six parts is available from: http://www.nerd-star.com/books/member/unsorted/www.omgf.net/text/Reading/ If you already got them there is a lot more to read here. Ante ::)
  3. Stu, Continuing from message: I have drawn a circuit for you that show the basic connection for your equipment with the meter hocked on. With the switch you choose current or voltage reading. Current is measured over the shunt (resistor voltage drop) and the voltage across the terminals pos and neg. Ante ::)
  4. This will help I hope! http://www1.jaycar.com.au/images_uploaded/shuntmul.pdf Ante ::)
  5. Kasamiko, If you have the freezer motor running normally there should not be a problem with the time to cool your freezer? Are you sure it takes longer time than normal? There must be something else wrong with your freezer. One thing comes to mind: does this thing delay for 5 min every time the thermostat is about to switch on the freezer? Ante ::)
  6. Hi Ted, Interesting circuit this one. I have tried to analyse it but couldn
  7. stuee, Yes, this circuit can measure current if you like. You need a shunt for this. Ante ::)
  8. audioguru, Sometimes there are still long delays but no messages so far. Maybe you need to check your equipment. Don
  9. I must point out the danger of using this type of supply. Anybody not sure about how it really works DO NOT EXPERIMENT WHIT THIS! Ante ::)
  10. EIST, The alternative to a second transformer is to put some turns of insulated wire on top of your transformer winding. I have done this on several occasions when I needed an extra output. It can be tight sometimes, but you don
  11. I make a screen dump from ISIS to Photoshop and save as GIF and JPG. And the quality is definitely better in the GIF. Ante ::)
  12. Hi Steven, The [glow=red,2,300]2SD879[/glow] = 2SC3226, 2SC3671, 2SC4482, [glow=red,2,300]2SD965[/glow] As far as I can see they are the same, can this be correct? Ante ::)
  13. hotwaterwizard, Here is an example grabbed from one of my projects: Ante ::)
  14. audioguru, If I remember correctly the unit putout 15W at 127V and the
  15. audioguru, About the circuit; I have seen a very similar circuit many years ago. It was a circuit I once repaired that where made for the purpose of running your electric razor in the car. I remember the transistors were AD149 and the caps where un polarized type like the ones you use for speaker cross over filters, maybe they had un polarized caps for a reason? They perhaps figured out that the polarity is changing in the circuit and that standard electrolytics is not the way to go? Ante ::)
  16. MP, With all respect; in the inverter a short never occur because there is a transformer winding in series, which is the resistance. The winding is an inductor so it has a time constant and it opposes to a change in current, this prevents a short. This phenomena is what we use in a converter. I am very happy that our opinions are getting closer! ;D Ante ::)
  17. MP, The gif files is the smallest type of picture files that I know of. They can be very small if you only use black & white witch in most cases is good for circuits. Anything with less than 256 colours will be small. Ante ::)
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