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  1. Can i use thise model EICO 1050 a for dc power supply? It reads AC 105-125v 150w 50-60~ . DC 0-8v or 0-16v continuous 6v-10a or 12v-6a intermit 6v-20a or 12v-12a. Thank you Leo.
  2. To Audioguru , thank you very much for your advice it works very well. Leo
  3. I would like to build a radio noise filter. When i put on my cooling dc fans in the stereo cabinet , the radio makes a heavy static noise . when i shut the fans off it stops. i need help. Thank you Leo
  4. I would like some help with a project. the out put on my A/V receiver plug is120 av at 100 watt .I would like to put in a second power supply through a relay. (IN 120V 100 WATT OUT 120V AT 5 Amps) so when i put the A/V receiver on , the Fan ,sub-woofer and the am antennae signal will work together. Thank you Leo.
  5. I bought a digital mounting thermometer 12 volt,for a riding lawnmower with an air-cooled engine have to put in a zener diode,to control the starting voltage of about 55 voltage for a split-second.The thermometer draws 3mA and maximum voltage 28 volts.How do i install this diode.A diagram would be appreciated. LEO
  6. I'd like to know how to build a small heat gauge,preferably digital,for an air-cooled engine, 12 volt electrical system,on a riding lawn mower. leo1500
  7. How do I test these darlington transistors whether good or not ???? Leo
  8. leo1500


    Iam looking for a sony compact disc player manual . Model #cdp-c27.Thank you. Leo1500.
  9. leo1500


    Thanks for all your help. leo
  10. leo1500


    Would you please tell me how to test this part bilateral trigger diodes (diacs). My diode tester and other meters dont seem to do it.Leo
  11. I built the car battery charger under the (home, projects, automotive) section. source: http://www.aaroncake.net/ The battery charges at 4 amps and then drops to 2 amps but never shuts off. any ideas what I may have connected wronge?
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