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  1. I used to write a project on a similar topic, but it was just a theory
  2. Hi friends. I'm still quite new to this business, but now I'm writing a project that will allow real-time temperature monitoring. So far, this is at a theoretical stage and needs your advice and experience. I'm using a MLT028Q40-5 TFT display with a controller through the driver and it works great. I need help with data to import from an NTC temperature sensor.
  3. I understand that the topic is quite outdated, but for me, it is now very, very important. 😔 It would be very interesting for me to know how the results of your course work are because for me it is very interesting and useful now. Because of this topic, I need to write an APA research paper and I understand that I can't do it. My friends also recommended the service to me https://papersowl.com/buy-apa-research-paper and I heard a lot of good reviews about them, so I'll probably try their services because they have proven themselves as true professionals.
  4. Wow, that's so cool. At first I didn't even believe it
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