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  1. I have already ordered that. I tried it to have some experience but it didn't go as planned :/. Either way, thank you.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with output voltage. when it's measured without the load I can only adjust it from 0.7V - 2V. However with 820 ohm load it can only output 0.8V - 1.2V. I can't find any high resistance "roads" (don't know how to call them) on the pcb. Any ideas what can be wrong with it? The schematic is a bit adjusted from: https://www.electronics-lab.com/project/0-30-vdc-stabilized-power-supply-with-current-control-0-002-3-a/. I attached eagle .brd file and screenshots from the same file. Also I use 100k and 10k pots. to tune and fine tune the voltage and current (can this be the p
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