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  1. Yes I wanted to control two stepper motor 3 phase motor How to ???
  2. Is it possibly to drive two stepper motor with the same time :-\ How can I give the pulses (first coil, second coil,first coil, second coil, etc)
  3. KM3508 I cant Find datasheet, again :( It is a videoheadmotor driver IC Where can you find the datasheets ???
  4. I find this :) I want a pin identification codes so I want the datasheet ???
  5. I have got a BS520 photodiode (you can find the datasheet www.datasheetarchive.com) I dont know you can get in a shop I take it fron a lasercopier :)
  6. I cant find any datasheet. please help me (hitachi IC) LCD driver
  7. I think it is enough to take it into the sun ??? :) :) sorry for the mistakes
  8. Project with atmel 89c52 MCU????
  9. I live in hungary and I can't get any kind of tsl*** IC, so I want to build it :) only I havent got the schematic, not the block diagram it is in the datasheet. This is the problem :(
  10. Can you send an email to them to give me the schematic of the IC, please Im not a perfect english man :(
  11. yes I want to do a light meter with til306 displays its in the datasheet
  12. This shematic of a bidirectional motor driver IC its not the tsl220 schematic :( I dont think its from a TV, I dont know where as it use :(
  13. I know it, but the datasheet isnt enough. :( unfourtunetly I want something like that, but I dont find :(
  14. Can somebody find it??? I cant, unfortunately I tryed a lot of things:((:(
  15. Where Can i find the projects???
  16. It is possible to build a microcomputer from some ram (SIMM) CPU (286.386.486.P1) and any other ic and other passive components??? with LCD display
  17. Does anybody how to contact with the tTI??
  18. Hi prateeksikka I havent got any project, only I cant find, just I have got some pieces of this MCU, I want to do some project with this MCU?? Can you suggest some?? and a good programer too??
  19. Sometimes I found a colormixer it can 65536 color to mix from a tricolor led(theory). it uses PIC (8pin I dont remember what kind of) and threee push buttoms. I want to do but I dont find again. Can somebody help me???
  20. I have got Intel 8088 CPU and 8042 Cpu, too project with this IS-s
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