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  1. I was building this project when i came to this problem, i needed the make a switch that will turn the curcuit on when the switch is off. I probably could find it somewhere but i don't have alot of time... I thougt it would be simple to find it but i can't seem to find it. If you can give me a simple diagram of something like that i would really appreciate it. Thank You
  2. Tecno, you can also buy robot building for beginners.... most of it is all about differnt components and how they work. its a great book for beginners, and also it kind of teaches you how to solder. I would recomend this book for beginners. Brendan
  3. I can't seem to find the MC2830 I've been searching for months and i can't find it.... am i unluckey or something??? Well if you know where to get one can you please tell me. Thx Brendan W.
  4. Hey, if you ever do make a kit.... can you tell me where to get it???
  5. I have the book... its mostly for begginers though but they do give you a lot of useful information that you could use. The robot you build it really cool and easy. You don't have to program anything for the robot. I got it from www.amazon.com.
  6. Does anybody know if there is a popular electronics magizine. If there is can someone tell me how to get it if there is. Thx
  7. I got i for Christmas... 2006 and i can't really get it to work i've practiced and practiced still can't get it to work sometimes i get it to melt but when i try to get it where i want it, it turns hard therefore i think harder to solder but everything else about it is nice i'm going to bu some more solder to practice with
  8. I don't think i can get free chips because i don't work for a company......... and i don't have a job hmmmmmm...... Maybe because I'm 11 But if u know any website where they don't ask you for your company Can u please post it Thx Brendan
  9. I don't really think we can form a club because I'm too young 11.... But i would like to
  10. I usally use AIM but i just started to use MSN messenger And i don't no anybody that uses that
  11. Yea you kind of got the idea "What is the most common chip that u use" I just didn't know how to explain it at the time but now i feel like an idiot cause i make like no sense Sorry
  12. Well im trying to make walkie talkies. And I'm trying to figure out where to buy or what to buy for the connections. I know all about IR connections but i can't find anything under $50 that i can make a wireless connection. It doesn't matter how far it can go. I just want to be able to have to have a wireless connection without having to use a IR emitter. And can some1 tell me how it works that would be great. PS: Can u try to explain it pretty clear because I'm 11. Thanks!!!
  13. Hey guys can u let me know what the most common IC that you use... Thanks!!!!! Mine are probably LM393N LM555M Well it depends on the what i am building
  14. My favorite languages are... C/C++ Basic Stamp2 Java I know them, but I'm not a master with them yet... Plus I'm only 11
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