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Inside a Cathod Ray Tube (CRT)


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Ever wondered what's inside your monitor? Here are some pictures from a broken monitor CRT that helps you clear out the mystery.
Remember: Don't try it yourself because may be dangerous.

The tube broken... and we are ready to see inside.

Ops... I thought it was empty :o ! I was wrong.

There is a metal housing there. It is used to cage the electrons inside it.

:o There is a "rainbow" inside!! Why? Because the front screen has tiny dots that act like a diffraction pattern for the light and analyse it to the spectrum.

Let's see it more closely.

And from another point of view!

Ohh.. I forgot the most important thing! The electon gun!

No, it's not so big... it's the little silver thing at the center.

But electron gun isn't alone.. Has some coils around it.

They are cooperating at high speed to produce a nice image.

Now the cooperation finishes.... The electron gun separated from it's company.. and it's time to follow it's own carier!

Also see Shooting a CRT: http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/what-if-shoot-tv.htm

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Mixos,you've had a great ideea showing those pic of a CRT tube's inside view...
Although,i'm prety familiar with the inside of a CRT,i've got one question:What did you use to cut the CRT's thick glass??Because the shape of the "incision" is very precise...I've never managed to open a CRT tube that nice(A long time ago,when my curiousity for the inside of a CRT manifested,i usualy broke them CRT's with a hammer! :D)

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