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Building a flyback driver circuit in a homemade pvc box


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by Steven

Here is the flyback transformer installed onto the home made pvc suporter allready fitted. into the circiut box

First the power input, and on off switch and power input led indicator are installed, and the intergrated circiut socket mounting board with its wireing done, and the prototype board leg posts are in place. and the 25k and 10k pots to,

Here is the component board with its components fitted, the mosfet and electro are at the rear of the box:

Here the component board tinned coper wireing tracks are all solderd in place and continiuity checked:

Here all the wireing from the ic socket mounting board and 10k and 25k potentiometers and the inputs are solderd to matrix pins or substtiutes on the component board. no wires are solderd directly to the board, so resoldering any wire that comes off is a super simple job.

Here is the rear view of the component board for the flyback driver circiut.

In this picture showing the wireing the n channell mosfet wireing hasent been done yet till i get a terminal strip for its wires and mov sitting in the box:

Here at the rear of the home made pvc circiut box is the n channel mosfet attached to a heatsink ready for the wireing to it to be done . next to it is an exsternal 2200uf 50wv electro in a specially made home made pvc electro holder , in the case of a short these exsternal components are easy to replace:

In this picture the high voltage positive output terminal and the black high voltage return are in place, along with the home made decal work.

in this picture the flyback transformer wireing is done. the heatsink on the component board is for the 1500 volts protection diode allready in place. the last thing to do before testing is to get the tag strip that goes onto the bolt behind the rear pannel at the back of the mosfet, the mosfet wires go to it then from there to the mosfet pin positions on the component board, and the mov goes from drian to source on the tag strip, for the mosfet wires:

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I really like your pvc case...
When my destination imagination team went to the destination imagination global finals people were throwing out all of this pvc, so we loaded it up into the school mini van and off we went... Until now Iwasn't really sure what we were going to do with it all...


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if the pvc is thin enougth you can heat it to soften it easy by holding it over the stove before you stomp on it to flatten it out . if its thicker put it inot a large enougth oven and heat it up till its soft then take it out and clamp it between 2 large flatt peaces of wooden board  tro flatten it out , nice picture there and you have plenty pvc pipes to make some great circuit boxes, all you need now is the plastic corner moulding to make the frame with and a drill and screws  and some no more gaps white colourd sealant to fill in the gaps  so the circuit box will look like a one peace  box and this will keep out any water and mioster to

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