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Need Datasheet for D2065

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This is a Transistor D2065 [M] printed on it which is Matsushita which is now Panasonic.
I figure it is a 2SD2065 NPN Transistor.
It is in a Kenwood KAC-624 Carstereo Amplifier.
There are 4 of them in the Audio Output Stage of the Amplifier.
What is curious about this Amplifier is all output transistors are the same not compliment pairs . The Transistor Gets Hot and shuts down and one or more of these transistors are bad. I need a Datasheet for this so I can see if any of the Transistors I currently have will work in place of this Obsolete Transistor.


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Hi John

Some research in old books:
2SD2065 :NPN power/audio/switch ,140Volts 7A 80W
Can be replaced with BD245D 2SC2706 2SC2837 2SC3907
Question : Does the 2SD2065 have an insulated case?
One of my books states that the comparison type does not have insulated case, so makes me wonder :-\

Ante ::)

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