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Logic IC Tester (4001-11-93-71-81)

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R4 on the right hand side of this circiut is a 1k resistor. this simple circiut. has an intergrated circiut socket to plug the logic ic into, use a push button switch , to switch it on to test. the 2 leds alternate if the logic ic works , very handy to have and if your installing it into a circiut box ,use pins or matrix pins in place of the ic socket, on the main board and run them to an ic socket mounted onto an ic socket board which can protrude through a square hole filed into the box pannel ,so that all you have to do is plug it in and push the button to test the logic ic out

by Steven

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any testor that uses a pc or any ports wouldent be to reliable , if ya pc crashes. its no good to ya. if ya get any viruses then the readings ya get may be no good and the amount of problems ya get with pcs these days . even if ya get a power blackout when ya in the middle of useing a pc to test any components is not to good. so battery operated carry any where testers is the way to go

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