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Since my computer doesn't have this problem on any other web-site, then I complained, here.
I thought that the problem, here, could be fixed, here.
I didn't think that my computer had anything to do with it, like the errors that we get, here and only, here.
Now I know where it is not very reliable.

Many other web-forums work properly for me, why not this one?

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Yes, of course. I also notice that you do too.
It all started when I asked a forum where I can buy epoxy-fibreglass Veroboard, like was available in the good old days (the blue stuff), since my Chinese supplier recently stopped carrying his very good copy.
Mega-post goal, Audioguru

P.S. I'm still waiting for my original coin, soldered-in, bios/clock, lithium battery to die, so I can replace it (I have one), then my computer will be good for another 10 years.
I'm going to get a demo of that Extreme Hi-speed cable modem.

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I can get only phenolic Veroboard in North America, it is the cheap, tan-coloured stuff that warps and breaks. Veroboard is now a new company, no longer part of Vero Industries. I think that it is called Verotech. Their web-site is nearly empty.

I connect my 486 to my router with an ISA-slot, 1/10 LAN card. The router connects to the cable modem.

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