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darlington optocoupler


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I'm after a part that is close to the 4n32 (Fairchild) or TIL198 (TI - obsolete) optocouplers... I can get parts from TI, maxim-dallas and national directly but not fairchild :( and the TIL198 is unavialable... does anyone have an suggestions for a replacement IC?

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Ante: I think you misunderstood me, i'm not trying to replace a part, rather get one to so i can use it as a precationary thing :)

MP: First i've heard of NTE, and looking on the distributor list only lists one in Queensland.... a good 600k's away from me at least, with no option of ordering over the net.

Thanks for your help guys, i may go try and figure out a non-darlington one

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I also tried an e-mail to an engineer at TI, but he replied a few minutes ago that TI does not have a replacement for that part and he did not know where you would find one either. Looks like you might have to settle for "close".


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