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matrix point(microcontroler programming)


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hello everybody

i have a seven segment display and i want to replace it with point matrix which has more capabilities than the ordinary seven segment,
i know that it needs some programmed ic's i think it needs microcontroller, and i know it is a big project that need some devices connected to computer to make the programming, and i want anybody to help me in the following:
1-give me any links or files related to such a project
2-give me any advices and how to start and what is the essential knowladge i should have.

and i will be very thankful for any help from you


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It seems to me that you are wanting to change a 7 digit output to a 35 digit output. If you are displaying the same characters, why not map out the 5X7 and connect the Dot Matrix as seven sets of 5 LEDs on the same output? Each of the segments of the 5X7 display can be represented with 5 LEDs which are in the same places on the Dot Matrix display. You will probably need more current to drive the extra load. Compare the data sheets to see how much. With this method, you would not need a micro or added circuitry other than perhaps some driver circuitry.


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i will tell you the story

i was asked to exchange the seven segment display of the building lift with a dot matrix display, i bought a similar circuit that is sold in shops, it contains a microcontroler with this number Z8663016psc
i want to make this circuit at my workshop with mass production

so plz help me to go ahead and note that my information in that field is limited, and i want to know which programming device is suitable and if it is possible to read out the code from the the similar circuit which i bought and reuse it???

and thanks very much


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