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Hi Mukhalled,
The TDA1560 and TDA1562 ICs are the first "Class-H" circuits that I have ever seen! I wonder if you can hear them switch between Class-AB and Class-H, since they double the supply voltage during Class-H operation.
The TDA1560 has a guaranteed minimum output of only 27W with a reasonably low distortion, with an 8 ohm load. However, since most car speakers are 4 ohms, the TDA1562 is probably a better choice. It has a guaranteed minimum output of 45W with a reasonably low distortion, with a 4 ohm load.
That should be plenty of power to destroy your hearing and your "200W" little speakers!

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I am new to this site and my electronic knowledge stops back at high school.In this topic SASI refers to http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/markets/mms/products/analog/key_solutions/amplifiers/index.html
Now if you go to the 2nd page where there is the datasheet of TDA1560Q there is a basic circuit on how to utilize the IC.If i build that circuit will it work or its mentioned for theoritical purposes?

Thank you in advance

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