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8) Part 1

To make your own circiut boxes, from pvc pipes,allso capacitor holders ,even microwace cap holders etc etc. first you will need to make the corect size base for the size of your circiut. you will need a meter length of thin pvc pipe, do not use thick as it will need to much heat and will easily burn if you over heat it. or turn yellow.

Cut your pvc pipe to the length = to that of the project box you want to make. cut the pvc pipe down one side only then pry it open with your fingers,enougth so you can pry it open more when you heat it over a stove flame, of which will soften it enougth to bend open and out more.

Reheat it under different sections till mits soft then flatten it out by throwing it onto floor and standing on it once you have it flattend out as flatt as possible cut the rectangle size you want from it. that will be your box base.

Then with a few lengths of plastic corner moulding cut some peaces to make the base frame , then useing a mini high speed drill with small drill bit, drill holes through the held on frame sections and through the base ,then secure the frame peaces with small short screws, these will protrude inwards and will be caped off and concealed latter by the inner frame work .

Once you have secured the base section frame cut from plastic corner moulding, then cut 4 sections of plastic moulding to make the corner frame work , as you are biulding this circiut project box from base up.

Secure each corner leg frame with screws on each side of each corner, these screws will be removed latter to install the pvc panneling allso cut from heated and soften and flattened out pvc pipes , once you have done the corner frames then start on the top frame useing peaces of plastic corner moulding cut to length, and secure with small srews .

Once you have done this and cut and fitted the last top frame work section made of plastic corner moulding cut to shape you can then start on the panneling.

Using the same method you used to make the base part of the project circiut box, heat and flatten out the pvc pipe once youve cut it down one side. then drill it through the pannel and frame then secure with small screws if you remove one of the corner screws holding the framework together ,to screw on the pannel,you will still have a screw on the opiste side of the corner still keeping it in place till youve installed that panneling same applies to the top frame work .

If the panneling is a bit long dont worry you can file it down to the square easy after youve made the box. then once youve done and secured all the panneling, cut peaces of plastic corner moulding and cap the inside frame work to conceal the small srews use super glue to hold the inner frame work inplace , the final section is the lid made the same as the base youll need a fair bit of scres for the lid ,thats the only disadvantage of the lid as if you have to remove it to do a circiut repair youll have to remove all these screws to get the lid off.

But if you have an exsternal ic and tranny youll have an easy job to replace them as the ic will be on an ic socket mounted to an ic board of which protrudes out the front pannel through a small square hole filed into it. the ic socket pannel is held in place by 4 small screws with nuts . and the 2n3055 trany if your installing a high voltage output multi ignition coil driver unit you first secure a siutable size square heat sink to the rear outside of the pvc box with thin bolts .

Then secure the tranny to it with bolts that stick outwards and are secureing the tranny with nuts. so you can remove it easyer holes are drilled through the rear pannel under the heat sink for the tranny legs wires to go through , dont worry about collecter as one of the two heatsink bolts is collecter and inside the box where the collecter bolt is there you can put a tab strip with your collecter wire runing to if you are useing this pvc box for an ignition coil driver circiut .

The pvc box can be coated as many times as you like, inside to give it great hv insulation . steven [email protected]

This is a section of pvc pipe cut down one side for heating over a stove flame enougth to soften it and flatten it out , to cut out the pannels for the plastic corner moulding, made framework,


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8) Part 2

:) continued : after you have made your pvc boxing, and filed the
the edges down, then it is time to do the panel work.

you will need to mark the positions for your switches, and potentiometers, once you have done that , use a potentiometer knob to gauge the correct distance apart, for which you are to make the holes, for.

once you have done these. and installed your inputs and other things, you will need to do your decal work.

it aint easy so here is how i do it, you will need one roll of self adhesive stick on lables, any blank white coloured peel off label that you may use in the kitchen to label your food or cooking ingredients containers with, you will allso need a paper punch, punch out the white dots with the paper punch, from the labels, dont peel the labels off the backing, yet.

then with a thin blade box cutter or stanely knife splice the backing off each punched out dot, and useing a pair of tweezers carefully place these stick on dots , around the potentiometers,

then with a fine point texture pen write the numbers from one to whatever amount of dots you have, these are your potentiometer positions for circiut callibration . you can use these stick on dots to illiustrate on /and off for a swicth , just place them onto your pannel layout and write the details onto the dots.

one letter per dot, you will see how neat your circiut box pannell work will look once youve done this. it takes up less room than a peace of paper stuck on, to tell you what the dials or swtch positions are. your home made stick on lettering, dots can be used on any prototype circiut board to ,

illiustrate transistor leg positions and mosfet legs . hold each dot between your fingers and splice the backing off with the thin blade of a pair of box cutters, or other. once youve got used to doing this you will be on your way to spiceing up your pannel work for your project circiut boxes. ;) steven


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Here are the latest pictures of the latest electronic circuit box design from pvc pipes, and white plastic cornner moulding. the pvc pipe i used for the base and the plastic cornner moulding i used for the frame work, so when i cut the pannels from pvc pipes, which are cut down the side, then heated over the stove to soften it , before i flatten it out on the floor, then i cut the pannels and secure it with small screws, the inner frame work will conceal the screws so you wont see them. all i need to do before i start the pannel work, is cut flatt strips from the 2 sided plastic cornner moulding, to use as spacers to even the frame work so that the pvc made pannels will fit flatt against the frame work, before i secure the pannels with screws. this circuit box design i used a selleys all fix to give the white plastic cornner moulding a good seal so no gaps will be visible. in this design ive made the plastic cornner moulding frame work for the battery which sits inside it perfectly. the 12 volts high power lead acid cell battery . for the latest high voltage circuit to be installed.

by Steven (received via e-mail)

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:)in these latest pictures, ive been busy decorateing these circuit boxes , with green pvc cut from green colourd storm water pipes, about the thickness of a match stick, all of the pvc i used to make my home made circuit boxes are about the thickness of a match stick or just under. in the pictures the bottom circuit box is yet yet to be dressed up and other ones sitting on top of my wardrobe to. thr green pvc i used to dress up my circuit boxes sure makes the knobs and ic stand out really good.


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