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stepper motor controller ucn5804

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Hello everbudy
I am prashant. I am trying to make a stepper motor controller card using UCN5804B chip (allegro make). The problem is that i am not sure about the circuit shown in the datasheet of the Chip by the chip manufacturers. The circuit uses only diodes as an external elements. I want to know whether some other elementr such as current amp. are required or not, also is there need to put the chip on the HEAT SINK.
The chip gets heated on application of power supply to the motor. is it damaged.
also the pin no.-9 is showing CONTINUITY with earthed pins on the chip even when detached from the circuit board.
please advice.
thanks in advance.

For yoy convenience i am attaching the datasheet of the chip.


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Also, look in our projects section. There is a project there which uses this IC. This IC is only capable of 1.5A MAX. It is normal to see heat generate from this IC in operation. However, if you draw too much current it will not last long. You can use the pins of this IC to turn on transistors instead of direct connection if you need more current for your steppers.


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Hello Sir
The motor i m using is 32volts/0.38amps.
its 5 wire unipolar motor.
i don`t know what type of heat sinks are employed for IC`s . could you pls tell me about that.
also please tell me that is the IC capable of sustaining 32 volts at pin 2and pin no.7.
thanks n regards


The IC is capable of 1.25A per phase and will run hot, but there is a thermal shutdown to protect it. If you have problems with thermal shutdown try to put a heatsink on the IC. What are your motor ratings?

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