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8pins IC holder datasheet


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i want to fabricate a SOIC to DIL 8pins socket for my attiny chip on PCB.but i don't hows the schematic look like.can somebody help me ...raftly draw the diagram for me...the image look like below..but it is 16pins.

or somebody know how to use eagle?because i found it in atmel lib.but i don't how to copy it to my blank project folder..i don't how to use eagle.
pls help..THANKS!!!


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It is much better when you can make your own.

In eagle, you create a blank schematic, then use EDIT, and ADD to retrieve a library part. Put both parts on the schematic and run the wires from pins on one to the other. Pin 1 to Pin1, Pin 2 to Pin 2, etc.
After this, there is an icon at the top of the page to turn it into a board layout. Just move the parts onto the board where you want them in this screen. You can run the autorouter from the menu on the top. It is under TOOLS, and then AUTO.


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