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hand powerd high voltage photo flash capacitor charger


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:) in these pictures, i used the high volatge , multiplier circuit, from my green colourd hand powerd ,high voltage output generator, the microwave oven motor/generator i used to power this circuit up is larger in size , i used a thick rectangle perspex block with a hole drilled in it ,to use as a turn peace ,for the moter generator, the positive high voltage output from the high voltage multiplier circuit i run to a barrel shaped 10 ohms resistor. dont know how many watts it is. and across the resister terminals i solder a capacitor, whether its needed or not i just tried it, the neon globe i had in my parts draws is rated at 120 volts and i used a 1m 1/4 watt resister with it, to indicate if the photo flash capacitor is charged up ok, the neon comes on after i rotated the microwave oven moter generater backwards and forwards, enought times till the neon comes on ,then i short the capacitor out to see if its charged up ok and even if i put my finger across the capacitor that has been charged up i can feel it tingleing well , if the capacitor is slightly over charged, this hasent damage that capacitor yet, in the picture are the red positive output terminal for the capacitor positive and the black negative output terminal for the negative voltage to the capacitor under charge, in one of the photos i put a lead pencil there to point at the neon globe, the 2 diode chain i used are both 3 amp rated. at 1kv. the circuit before failed when i used 2x uf4007 diodes so i tried these instead. ive managed to chargfe that high voltage photo flash capacitor up time after time with no problems, so it works ok and this will pave the way for more improvements to come, and a flyback transformer high voltage capacitor charger to


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:) ive just tested this on most of my other high voltage photo flash capacitors and they all charged up ok , the next idea is to use one of my flyback transformers driven by a flyback driver circuit to try get them charged up, hopefully , a flyback transformewr without the biult in high voltage trippler would be the first , to try

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:) ive done some other exsperiments useing , this time a disc shaped flyback transformer and some slight modifications to the circuit i used to charge up my high voltage photo flash capacitors with, with spectacular results. in under 15 seconds i was able to fully charge a high voltage photo flash capacitor so fast that when i shorted it out , to discharge it, it made a bang so loud it left my ears ringing for a short time so ill be posting the next one soon and hopefully another one useing am ignition coil driver and coil to

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