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Cheap and easy acquired Capacitors and Resistors from China

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1 What do I provide?
I provide all kinds of cheap capacitors and resistors for the hobbyist in the embedded system.
It includes different types of resistors, chip capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors and high value multilayer capacitors

2 What kind of services do I supply?
According to your order, I can send u clear digital photos if you need for confirmation.
This can ensure what I provide is what you need.
Small quantity of samples is available if u have a big order.

3 How can you order the chip capacitors and chip resistors from me?
First you can send me your order including details such as parameters and precision requirements of Capacitors and Resistors through email.
The receiver and the address where you want me to send the products should be written in the end of the email.
My msn is [email protected]. I'll be online everyday.You can call me Alex
Secondly, I'll reply as soon as possible and give a list of the detail prices of the products you ordered.
If you think that's ok, I'll send them to you though mail.
Generally speaking, it takes about 10 days from Shanghai to America.
Thirdly, you pay to my visa card when you received.
I'll give u the visa card number later in the final confirmation email.
So there's no risk for you to be cheated:)

4 What kinds of advantages do I have?
I'm a graduate student, who specializes in the electrical system in automobile.
Therefore, I'm familiar with the products I supply.
For my good command of English, there will be no difficulties in communication.

5 Why do I provide these kinds of components
I know from a friend of mine in America that the price of chip capacitors and chip resistors is quite expensive in America.
Almost one dollar 6 chips Resistors,the big value chip capacitors is more expensive.
I'm in Shanghai China where the discrete electric components such as chip capacitors and chip resistors are quite cheap.
By doing this job, I want to earn some pocket money.

1 dollar for 15 pieces of chip resistors(precision 1%; power 1/4W)
1 dollar for 10   pieces of low value chip capacitors such as 0.1uf,20 pf and so on.

The prices listed above is only for referrence.
It varies according to the quantity you order and the precision requirement you need and so on.
The more you order, the cheaper you get.
The cost of mail is covered in the price of products.
If you need express mail, additional money is required.
For the reason there're too many types of resistors and capacitors, I can not list the each price one by one.
Once you send your order to me, I'll give you a list of detail prices according to the quantity and parameters you need.

my msn is: [email protected]

if I interfere the forum here, I appologize for my impoliteness.

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Alex, No offense here. This is why we have a buy and sell area on the site. Thank you for posting in this area. I am sure some of the members of this community will be interested. I do not understand how someone can put money on your visa card, though. How does that work? Aren't you taking a risk by giving others your credit card details?


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No offend here but I want to tell some facts.

Shenzhen, a city in South China near Hong Kong, got very cheap components since many factories around. And there is a shopping mall that have many many shops to sell components in very low price.

Imagine just needed USD$2.5, you can get 1K pieces of SMT resistors (a tape).

If I start business in Hong Kong and have sent components to US or around the world, I am rich ...... :P

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No offence to trigger but i want to add something that u haven't
taken into consideration.

First, the fees of transportation to America.
Second, the fees of ur purchasing cost such as ur traffic fare
and so on.
Third, i want to reemphasize the price will be greatly reduced in
a big order.
Fourth,the bank's charges of remitting for payment.

As to the payment way, i prefer to the bank remitting.
The detail i'll tell the people who have a order of my product.

I also have a question here.
Could someone do me a favor to tell me the general price of chip
resistors in America market? Take 100 pieces of chip
resistors(precision 1%) as an example, how much is it?
I get the price information from a friend of mine in America.
It maybe have difference to the market price.
If someone can do me the favor, I'll be thankful and relist the
price which will be more reasonable and much cheaper than the

price in American market.
Of course, it will also leave some profit margin for myself:)

Thank u all for ur replies and helps.

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    can do better then that and its in the US. If you know what you are searching for you can find like 100 Ohm smd resistors 35 for a buck. and there are other companies that sell for less too. You just have to shop around.
                                                        have fun

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