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I have disassembled a Ps2 console and I tried to chip it but there are parts where I should solder wires to surface mount componets.Unfortunately I dont have experiance with smt and do not know how to solder.I have a soldering station but its too wide to solder these fine points.Is there special equipment to solder surface mount componets?

Thank you in advance

Best Regards

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Hi atheos,
am I understanding you write, you don't know how to solder, and you want to start with surface mount chips. You must like a challenge ;D. You'll need a fine tip and find solder, I suggest you find something to practise on, surface mount chips are in just about everything these days. Maybe an old CD drive, disk drive etc.

Good luck :).

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It is not too bad if you look through a magnifier and use plenty of flux. The flux will make the connection solder faster. Then when you clean off the flux you have a very nice looking solder connection. If you have too much solder and find that it connects multiple pins, you can use solder braid to clean off the excess.
The worst problem that most have with surface mount is holding the heat to the board too long, causing the pads to come loose from the board.


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Thanx Dazza and MP for your replies.

I do know how to solder I ve constructed many projects but its the first time am facing smt since am an amateur.I will try to find a finer tip and try again.Although I used braids to take the solder of the multiple pins I connected I had no success.

What is flux and "pads to come loose from the board" described in MPs reply?


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Flux is a liquid that you should already know about from your previous soldering experience. It is short for "solder flux". It provides a better solder junction as it cleans the oxidation from the copper surface. Use keywords of solder flux in your browser to find many outlets for it. If you are not using solder flux on very small connections such as this, you are most likely going to use more heat than is necessary and the solder joint is not going to be clean or look very good. In many cases, yoyu will overheat the components or the copper on the board from having to leave the soldering iron on the circuit for a longer period of time.
My reference to pads is to the solder on the circuit board where the pins of your surface mount parts are soldered. These are normally referenced as "pads" or "solder pads" or "copper pads" by circuit board manufaturers.
Hope that is helpful. Good luck!


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