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ATX power supply


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Hi Vedran,
A MOV is for overvoltage protection from spikes, there is not a capacitor inside, its symbol just looks like a capacitor with a circle around it. The PS should work fine without it until lightning strikes your mains, or until your refrigerator turns off making a voltage spike.

A cheap surge arrestor was being made to be plugged into a mains outlet. It had a window to see the MOV inside. A label on it said, "If it turns black, send it back".
If it ever turns black, whatever you had plugged into it to be protected by it would also be destroyed! ;D
Good surge arrestors have a fairly big and expensive gas-tube inside, or 3 of them and 3 MOVs.

I have some telephone answering machines that were blown-up by lightning. The circuit doesn't work but the MOVs and small gas-tube are OK. The gas-tube protected the MOVs but not the circuit! ;D

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