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Hello there!
I have found many interesting sites over the internet related to radioastronomy. In some of them it is explained that extraterrestrial signals may be rated from a few Mhz up to several Ghz.
In commercial websites I've seen that common tv parabolic antennas have certain bandwidth. Most of them point to 12 Ghz.
I am aware of antenna and parabola are two different things. The latest is just to focus the signal, while the antenna itself is the one with reception duties.
On the other hand, as can be seen on http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/cantennahowto.html , building a 2.4 Ghz antenna is extremely easy.
I am not radio skilled, so I would like to get information about how to build a larger bandwidth antenna so I can get several reception ranges. That would lead to get further information about star temperatures, and other interesting information.
I guess that it can be reached, since radioastronomy stations are able to get wide information.
I would be so thankfully If you let me know about websites related to antenna building and theory.

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:)this has been an intresting topic and dispite all those years that seti has been going , scaning the hevens for that radio signal from another world , and filtering all that background signals out there was a time when they thought they were receaving a signal but after all that trying to pin point it, and find out the source of it it turned out to be from there own radio telescope , and unless these aliens have there own rules to follow , which would mean they are not allowed to comunicate with us unless by telepaphic comunications , or they use a different way of comunication not yet discouverd by man

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Guest Fatal_Byte


Does anyone have an idea of something you could do with a small satellite dish? Like one from Direct T.V.? Is there any way you could form this into and intricate radio antenna? Can you give me some examples of the possibilities please?


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:)hello radio dish usage is a bit out of my knowhow but if you want an antanae or some form of ereal to receave with try a spider webb ereal home made , ive seen one before in queensland australia i think it was .it was used for a cb but they were said to be illeagle once but they do things i dident think it would do but . i did hear they can receave well or interfear to

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Guest Fatal_Byte

Thanks for the information:) Do you know where I could find information on how to build one or buy one? What was making them illegal? Are they really good in your opinion? If you come up with any additional information please fell free to e-mail me or something?

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the spider ereal was a wooden frame and on the outside was a thin copper wire this was in a sqaure shape and inside that was another wire spaced apart from the first outer wire and so on untill you get to the middle , now theres another wire that links each wire so it looks like a spider webb now some one had one linked to there c b radio we were told they were illeagle at that time as they seem to assist in the bad interfearence of nearby apliences thats all i can remember here in australia ,oh by the way, that person across the road , in the seventies allso had the whole fence serounding his house as a cb ereal to you see the fence was low wooden frame type and the actual fence was wire but right around the whole fence on top was a wire which ran through insulated suports ,that were spaced apart every so far

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