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sometimes those volume controlls collect dust inside them, when this happens, everytime you turn them you get noises so you can clean them out by spraying then inside with crc, the same stuff you use on a car to free up rusty bolts or rid mioster from them, use a thin straw like attachment to spray inside the volume pots, these attachments normally come with the can

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and if you accidently tare your speaker in the proccess you can repair that tare with clear nail polish , this will allso help in reduce excess vibration of the outer edges of the speaker cone if it obsorbs to much mioster. by painting the clear nail polish around the edges, it will dry and stiffen it abit

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I wouldn't go over the top with the nail varnish if I were you, I can be usefull to repair small rips and tears but too much can severely reduce the bass response of the speaker making it sound very tinny, I speak from personal experience. ;D

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After shave, methylated spirits, surgicla spirit, and maybe even vodka :) are are alcohol based so they're all goo for cleaning. Nail varnish remover and even viniger are good cleaners too, and of course there's just plain old washing up liquid.

I would stay away from stronger volatile chemicals like petrol, paint stripper and super glue remover,  because they can damage many plastics, petrol will disolve polystyrene and super glue remover disolves polycarbonate for example.

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