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Chip Identity?


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Does anyone know what this chip is?
I am trying to find the schematics of it but
cannot find anything on it.
It looks like a 555 timer with 8 pins to it.
But it doesnt say anything like that.

Does anyone know a website or a databook
that they may have and can look up the schematics
for me. Here is the number TA75393AP
Remember it looks exactly like the 555 timer
with 8 pins to it.
Thanks for your help

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Dual Bipolar Comparator. Cross reference says it is close or the same as:
TA75393 - NJM2903 LM293
LM393 LM293
LM393 LM293/A
LM393/A LM293/A
LM393/A LM393 LM293/A
LM393/A MB47393 BA10393 LA6393 KIA393 - LM393

The most common equivalent is the LM393. Here is the pin out.



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Thanks John,
I should have looked at the details, they are not the same.
Toshiba added an extra output transistor to their TA75393 copy of National's LM393, resulting in a guaranteed output sink current minimum of 65mA, compared to the LM393's minimum of only 6mA.
Therefore the TA75393 has a supply current maximum of 8mA, compared to the LM393's maximum of only 1.0mA.

A circuit requiring the high drive current from a TA75393 certainly won't work with an LM393 unless you add your own output transistor (and base current feed for it) and switch the input polarities around. ;D

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felto and others:
Here are some links from a site that primarily is geared toward arcade devices. They have some pretty good general info, though....

Component Marking Codes:

Lots of IC data includes pin outs and logic tables (forgive the name of the page):

A pretty good cross ref, but short:

Memory Cross reference:

RCA transistor Cross reference:

Semiconductor cross reference:

Static Ram cross:

Transistor database. More of a description. Not really a cross:

Motorola Uniwatt transistor cross:

Perhaps we can add these to our links on the site.


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