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How can I repair a TV Box.  

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  1. 1. How can I repair a TV Box.

    • Power supply problem
    • Amp section prob

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im Asif .
I m working on a TV box .TV box is a device which is connected to the comp monitor .
I want from u people if any body have ckt diagram of TV box then send it to me.this site contaians the info..
http://www.plussmiinus.ee/ee/lastetuba/tarvikud?vaata=SM230 .


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the current standard of tv is inferior to monitor technology, most monitors are hdtv capable, also the electronics involved would be complex and expensive and cost as much as a new small screen tv
the only option that would make sense would be a digital tv box to monitor even so, there are pc-hdtv-cards cheaply priced that do the
same thing

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