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designing of third harmonic filter


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Hi Sarwar,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
The design of a filter depends entirely on its frequency that you didn't mention.
150Hz? 3kHz? 30Mhz? 3Ghz?

Instead of a filter it might be easier to make the source more linear so it doesn't clip or produce 3rd harmonic distortion. What is it?

If the source is a digital square-wave it would be easy to completely eliminate its 3rd harmonic by over-sampling it with a staircase type of waveform and allow you to change its frequency very quickly.

A filter could be a simple RC network and have a shallow slope without much 3rd harmonic attenuation, or have many poles like an 8-stage switched capacitor filter IC that will also completely eliminate the 3rd harmonic and allow you to change its frequency very quickly. You don't say how much attenuation you need. 

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