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project idea required


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Hai friends,

  i m a final year ECE student requiring ideas for my final year project in the field

of microcontroller,embedded,biometrics and wireless protocols. New ideas are

also most welcomed.So i request all to give me some valuable ideas regarding

my project. :)

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It seems like we are getting lots of requests lately for project ideas for final year student projects. What are you guys going to do after you graduate and your boss tells you to design something? Ask others on the Internet to design it? There is a reason your instructor wants you to think of something specific. You will need these thinking skills later.

There is a projects section on this site. Please look at the top of the page for the link.


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Yep. Sounds like an engineering job for a manufacturing firm. Build something that is really not needed, but is hard to come up with and is different than other things on the market and, oh yeah, we keep the copyrights....<chuckle>. Just said it a little different  ;D


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