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Op.Amp. vs. Diff.Amp.


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Hi Autir,
An opamp is a building block with extremely high voltage gain and differential inputs.

A differential amplifier is a circuit using a single opamp or 3 of them, with the inputs properly biased and with negative feedback for a certain defined voltage gain.

Some differential amplifier circuits are already made as an IC and are called Intrumentation Amplifiers. Some even have differential outputs.

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Well, a single transistor amplifer needs a lot of negative feedback to make it linear, then it doesn't have any voltage gain. An opamp amplifier has both.
A two and three transistors amplifier is much better but approaches becoming an opamp.

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It's the design that makes it linear of analogue, you can use an op-amp as a digital comparator, and you can just as easily use a 4011 as an analogue amplifier. IC's are called analogue or digital because it's how they are normally used. You can also use a BJT as a digital switch or an analogue amplifier.

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