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SN76008 Datasheet


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Hi there Hotwaterwizard, i forgot your name :)

Thank you very much for your effort, the NTE746 was wrong, but the pic was right, the lowest one ;D
But, what is the max VCC for this IC? :(
Can i use a 24 Volt tranny with a bridge and a smoothing cap of say 4700 uF or so, or must it have a stabilised 24 Volt VCC? The TV:s i have seen it in have a stabilized 24 Volt VCC(some Luxor TV:s)! I have a bunch of this IC, and want to build an amp for my computer ;D. Maybee it is the same as TDA2030 ????


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I'm sorry I don't know, but even if it has a similar spec and pin out to the TDA2030 I wouldn't assume the voltage is the same, the NE555 is similar to the TS555 but the later is rated to 18V while the former is only 16V.

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