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Simple LED strobe

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I'm designing something.  Not sure what.  :o ??? Sort of.  OK nevermind that.
I'm still new to electronics and somehow have trouble with 555.  I think I need to spend a day to just figure them out.  Anyway, I need an astable circuit that wil cause LED(s) to blink that can be adjustedd by a pot.  This would be like christmas lights that have the knob on the box.  I want them to go from steady on and down through fast strobe to either a very slow blink or completely off.  I will need an output of about 3V.  I just don't know what sized resistors and pot to use.  The bigger (higher resistance) the pot the slower it will blink?  Is there an easier way than using a 555?

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Here's URL with tutorial and simple schematics. Look for picture for Astable operation (in the mddle of document).

Some simple schematics and calculator for 555 can be found here:
There's even sample for driving LED's

To prevent false triggering of 555, connect PIN4 to V+ (directly) and PIN5 to ground via 10nF ceramic capacitor.

Hope this helps

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Hi Um...Me,
Have you seen my chaser projects? They aren't simple because they sequence 10 LEDs.
They have a pot for blinking speed and another pot for brightness.
Their battery seems to last "forever":

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