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TAG8739 Replacement

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Been searching for a replacement to TAG8739, probably a triac but not sure, only 3 hits on google when I searched for TAG8739 so not even a data sheet.
No one in Europe seems to source them.
Any help would be great!

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Hi Ante and thank's for reply!

You are right either triac or thyristor, I don't have any schematic but I'll take a look at the circuit, it's a electric fence for cattles  ;D
This TAG8739 was shorted and I haven't had any closer examination of the circuit just made "quick measure"  ;D
There's lots of IC.s in it also, you know these days they use more components than before, when I was a boy we use to compete who was the bravest and pee on the wire wow!!!!
That's was quite an experience  :P

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