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Need help for 4009b hex inv buffer


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Hi all out their

I need some help regarding 4009b Hex inverter buffer, firstly i need its pins seetings secondly i need some information about pins (VDD and VCC). So far i have used VCC to supply a voltage source to an IC but in IC like this 4009 i have got struck over VDD as i am unable to idnetify what is vdd. Any body having knowledge about it please help in this regard.

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Hi Saadmir

the 4009 allows you to do level shifting, for example driving TTL logic from a CMOS source.  The supply voltage, Vdd has a range of +3 to +20v and Vcc, whilst the datasheet doesn't say, should have the same range.

In a level shifting application, Vdd would be set for the input (source range)voltage. (If you were using 15v cmos, then Vdd would be set to 15v). If you want to then drive TTL from the 4009 then Vcc would be set to 5v.

Hope that helps


Go to http://www.jaycar.com.au/semiconductor.asp for the data sheet

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Who are you going to believe?

My Cmos Cookbook says, "The 4009 should not be used for new designs. Use 4049 instead. It will self-destruct if the supplies are applied in the wrong sequence or if the voltage on pin 1 is higher than on pin 16".

ST Micro says, "The 4009 is a preferred replacement for the 4049".

Texas Instruments says, "The 4049 and 4069 are preferred replacements for the 4009".

I have used hundreds of Cmos ICs but never needed a 4009 for level shifting.
I haven't needed the higher output current of a 4009 or 4049 buffer.
I have used 4069 inverters within their ratings instead without any problems. ;D


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