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driveway monitor

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I need to make a driveway monitor that blasts a piezo indoors when someone comes in the driveway.  (I am making this for someone) their driveway is maybe 1000ft. long  or so.  I figure I could have a IR led powered with a 555 and bateries on side and the other side could have the IR photo diode.  Since I want to use just one 24 awg wire to run to the house (a radio signal strong enough sould be to hard od a project for me and probably use to much battery power) I may need a transistor with another battery(ies)? to transmit though all that small wire?  Inside I want to use maybe another transistor with activate a 555 monostable to set off a 2 tone piezo.
I need help on the schematic because I don't have experience with transistors.  NPN PNP ?? ahhh!!!!!

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