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How does computer signals are getting captured by the others?


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I do not have anything wireless attached to my computer but just only the cables.  How would it possible for others(neighboors) to capture my computer signals and see what I have done with my puter?

How could I prevent it?  What do I need to create an isolated environment for my puter.  What I realized when I start working my puter was whatever I do drawing, moving the mouse, typing is causing quite buzzy sounds even for scrolling. Each action has produced a different sound.

If you enligth me about it and let me know what to do, I would really appreciate it. 

[email protected]

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Hi Bedri

try a google search for TEMPEST.

All electronic equipment radiates energy in some way and with a sufficiently sensitive receiver these signals can be picked up.

For example, a computer monitor receives signals across a screened cable - the screening is not perfect and you can get radiation in the low short wave band.  Internally, the monitor, if it's a CRT, generates a very high voltage which is modulated by the information displayed on the screen, so it's theoretically possible to snoop on what is being displayed.

Whilst I don't have any hands-on knowledge of the equipment or techniques involved, I do know that in many government/military systems there are TEMPEST requirements which need to be satisfied.

Apart from that, it's very unlikely that your neighbours would have the resources or equipment necessary to see what you have done with your computer.


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Hi Ed,

I think if the equipment is not too old the chance of leaks is non-existent. The last ten years much has been put into making all computer equipment leak proof for health reasons.  The only way to penetrate the computer is if there is no firewall (or a bad one) and the neighbor has hardwired himself into a telephone junction box nearby.

Maybe if the neighbor is a MI5 employee and he/she can borrow some extreme 007 gear from work. ;D

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